Our Software Consultancy
Being the industry experts, we believe to have a consultant regarding your requirement is our duty rather than our service. As a client comes to us for the purpose of an application development, we thoroughly study the requirement and suggest the changes needed for it to fit the best in the market abiding by the technical possibility. We produce a whitepaper on the project feasibility consisting of area of implementation, targeted beneficiaries, period of completion, ROI capabilities, budget, challenges, market study and all other dependencies. Client can get the detailed regulations about the project they are going to implement from it. Apart from this preliminary report, we shall have further technical discussions during the development process. Choose the leading software development team
Technical Advices

We have the experts to give opinion and guidelines for our clients who, at times, may get stuck in some technical feasibility issues and are not able to go further with their projects.

IT Solutions

For someone in need of an answer for their requirement, our industry experts will suggest or even guide to build the best solution sufficing all their needs within their budget.

IT Security Advice

Being safe is a concern to be considered first. Our consultant veterans are ready to give the expert opinions and recommendations to make your intellectual properties safe.

ERP Software Development Solutions
Considering the industry standard, we will go through the existing operation method in the client’s business to develop a strategy that bridges both.

We will develop the solution to bring the business to a more standardized method without breaking the current business flow and inventory.

Picturize the ERP to be developed

Once the cake is ready, we will install it to the client premises and make it operational to give a seamless workflow in the business.we have the best software development team

Make the pictured ERP existing

Run your ERP in your on-premise server or cloud, We will configure it for you to run smoothly

Let the ERP be alive
Web Software / Application Development

the best software development team in Calicut, Kerala

Web Presence

Open a face for your business in the internet. Let your clients understand you and build a positive relation with you.

CMS Websites

Don’t worry about your website getting outdated. We develop beautiful & powerful Content Management System to keep you alive in real-time.

Web Applications

We have our brilliant team developing web applications in popular web frameworks like .net, PHP, Angular, Python and so on.

Web Hosting

We don’t just make the rockets, we let you launch it too. Get your website hosted on the 99% Uptime server at the best prices.

Odoo Customization
With our expert and best software developers, we have made our name in developing customized ERPs in Odoo platform. We have our satisfied customers around the globe running their business seamlessly in Odoo. Considering the client’s requests, our team is viable in customizing the platform to any extend to fit their business perfectly, while sticking with the industry standards. We have the confidence that we can give our customers a comprehensive toolset which is exactly how they need.

Manage your team easily and intuitively. Keeping good care for your squad doesn’t create you a head ache any more.


Get the easiest track of the inflow and outflow of your business and financials. Easily outlook the business future with assessment.


Manage the purchases in to the company and get updated with the stock inventory in real time. Meet production requirements easily.


Get a lot more with Customized Odoo ERPs. You can’t go for another solution as we have it all to the fullest and seamless.

Mobile Apps
Deal with solutions for the problems on the go and make life easier and having fun

And it’s inevitable in our life. Transit your trade from the markets to the internet. Lounge in the couch and get going with your business and trade.

We develop comprehensive and versatile E-Commerce websites which meet your kind of business and provisions. Get ahead with all the industry standard methods and more.

Our experts are ready to give you the solutions in the platforms which suits you the best like Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, Shopify and much more.

Choose the best software development team

Choose the leading Software development team

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