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Control your home with just touches. The intelligent technology connects your security, lighting, blinds, heating, air conditioners, music and TV, and controls them intuitively.Choose the best home automation company

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Smart Lighting

Automate your room’s theme to fit your romantic moments. Control the colour and mood of the lighting in just one touch.

Are you thinking make your home smart ?
Smart Audio & Video

Being bored is automatic. Now, getting out of it is more automated. Watch and listen to your favourite entertainment easily.

Smart audio & video system for you smart home
Climate & Shade Controls

Bring home all seasons in. Automate the climate inside your property and regulate the mood inside with just presets

Your smart home control your indoor climate intelligently
Private Cinema

Technology can bring only what you want to see. Set a private cinema experience inside your home for the better experience.

Automatic Gates & Irrigation

Manage everything alone and don’t worry about missing something important. Automate the gates and irrigation facilities.

Save your Energy

Save energy and express commitment. Reduce resource exploitations and wastage by automating operations

How we build the most impeccable installations
We have the engineering wizards giving the best results

For the automation to work perfect and reconciled, out professionals believe an infallible system of networking is required for an unfailing experience.

CCTV Systems

The complete and secure CCTV systems are implemented to automate detection of trespassers and unauthorized accesses in your absence at home.

IP Telephony

Get an automated call when you are away about the current situation in your home like weather, security breaches or even if there is any water leak.


Analyze the siteAssessment

Inspecting the site – Once we are met and good to go, we make a visit to your site to assess the project and talk the budget and time frame of implementation. We will give you and outlook of the project, the picture how your life can be made easier, more convenient and having more fun with home automation technology. Inspecting each and every corner of your home with you, we will figure out what to be done in each room to have the best experience.

Equipment specification – Understanding the scenario, we shall conclude the best equipment to be installed within your budget. We will then put together to a white paper on the working and result and a quotation with full specifications for you to approve.

We’re the best home automation company


Design what fits youSystem Design

System Design – After approving the project, we shall overlay all the equipment positions reconciling your architectural plans to help us design the required system effectively. This shall be designed with recurring consideration of your budget.

Cable Schematics – The wiring schematics on the system design is drawn. A cable schedule is made for each and every cable to be run as per the plan. We shall appoint a proficient professional electrician to deal with the tasks. For the wireless system of networking, we shall design and the communication protocol between the modules, placing them considering the uninterrupted connectivity and seamless integrity.

We’re the best home automation company


Start InstallationMake it run for youImplimentation

Wiring – The wiring shall be done on the property by either our professional electrician or by your own one. Both shall be made only after thorough understanding of the schematics. The materials used for the project shall be pre-configured and tested to ensure maximum effectivity and making error free.

Cable Installation – We shall terminate all the cables and attach the required connectors as per the plan for the equipment installation, once we are done with the plastering and finishing.

Equipment Installation – Once the cables are installed, all the modules are fitted and animated by our trained and experienced engineers.

We’re the best home automation company


ProgrammingKeep you automated

Once all the equipment is set and ready to go, we shall test each and every module which are already programmed off-site. We set-up everything professionally by means of ensuring guarantee and best possible performance and reliability. After setting up we shall give you an eloquent demonstration on each and every module set, showing you how everything works on its own and altogether, and their original functionality too.

For the systems to behave the best for you, we will let you experience them by your own for a period and once you are clear about the gears and their possibilities, we shall come back to you inspect everything and fine tune them based on your preferences and contents.

We’re the best home automation company

Be it a newly constructing property or already got going


Wired Home Automation SystemFits the best for newly constructing properties

So,It’s good to not worry about again cracking the walls for an installation


Wireless Home Automation SystemBetter for properties already got going

Module installations and replacements are made the easiest and intuitive.

And what all these automation mean? We're the best home automation company to answer it.
Automations are systems of different technologies integrated together under a single control module which enables the entire system to create an amiable experience automatically for you in your home without the need of giving request for each preferred action.
if the doorbell rings
You are watching a movie with your family and in the media room while the doorbell rings. As you pause the movie, the lights turn up automatically to allow you see what you are doing and to check the video feed on your smartphone to see who’s outside the door and to speak them remotely. As you press play, the lights fade off and you may just enjoy the rest of the movie.
Let in some fresh air
When it’s dawn and blinds open automatically,and you can open a window in the bedroom to let some fresh air in. The system automatically turns down the heating in the room to save wasting energy. And when it starts to rain outside and you are comfortable with the current atmosphere inside, the system will adjust the aircon to maintain the feel.
Late to leave the office
Access your climate control in home from your smartphone. As the system detects no one inside, it turns down the air conditioner. On the way back home, if you are hit by a traffic jam, GPS on your phone keeps updating with the system in home and it only turns on when you are just 20 minutes away from your home, to give the perfect comfort as you enter in.
Home Automation Protocols