Dreaming about Smart Home ?

Think about a Smart Home that pausing a movie in the private cinema room, then starting it at the same spot from your bedroom and or having a party where the music walk with you, your favourite music playing seamlessly whether guests are in the kitchen, the living room or in the guest room.

This kind of complete-house Audio Video system distributes sources such as satellite TV or a BluRay player to different environments or zones throughout your smart home. All Input Sources s are centralized in one place, giving you the convenience and enjoyment of your music, movies and media in any room within your smart home.


Play your favourite music seamlessly 

The main advantage of an entire smart home music system is that you will be able to play music smoothly through all of your spaces.

When we add speakers we pick those positions systematically so that the sound is even. This way, after a stressful day at work, you can press play and walk from the living room to the bedroom without skipping a beat. Whole house music is nice for entertaining friends and relatives too.

If you’re having a party, your guests will walk in and out of the house, listening to the music beautifully wherever they go.

An embedded system is the only way to integrate all your speakers in each space otherwise at each position you will have separate systems.

Play your music zone wise

Not only can you play the same music on all of your speakers with all zone music, but you can also play different music in all rooms too. If you have kids will pick and play their favourite songs as they get ready in the morning. Or if in the kitchen, mom is cooking, she can listen to the radio as she is making dinner. Each member of the family may choose their favourite channel or music station to enjoy in their own zone. If you want to add audio outdoors, we will make sure that the music won’t annoy your neighbours.

Unlimited Music Library

Expanding your music range is one of the advantages of using a professional music system in your smart home. Through iTunes or Amazon Music you can conveniently access your own personal collections, as well as select from music through streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

Control your music from anywhere in the home

Technology should never be too difficult to use. The controls are simple enough to use and you don’t need to take any additional time to learn out how to play a specific album or channel. On a handheld device like a smartphone or iPad or smart tv, you’ll be able to control all of your music sources and every place in your house.

Save your space to decor

No one wants to see wires in the home, and if you’ve got speakers in every room it takes up precious space that you own or arrange for special decoration. We can cover the speakers by placing them within the walls so they’re out of the way and free up more space to walk around your smart home.